Making Networking Time Profitable!

Aug 18 2015

Making Networking Time Profitable!

The South Jersey Business Association would like to thank our guest speaker from our meeting last week. Merle Margolese was an exceptional speaker. And for those that missed it, here are a few notes from our meeting:

Are You Getting a Good “Return” on Your Networking Time and Effort?

  • Start Tracking Your Results! Do you know where your new business is coming from? Depending on your industry , over 50% of new business should come from repeat customers and referrals. If not you have to ask yourself “Why not?”

Evaluate Your Current Memberships

  • Do I belong to multiple groups with the same members?
  • Are my current members diversified?

Not Sure How To Make The Most Of What Fellow Members Have To Offer

  • Learn about them as people, not just their PROFESSION!

Where Do I Start???

  • What professions would be most useful to My clients, friends etc.?
  • What Professions am I in need of now?
  • What Professions would most likely “Mesh” with my business?

What Does A Successful Networker Say and Do?

  • Mind your manners
  • Be Prepared; business cards, professional name tag, appearance
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Be the “Connector” … “I Gotta Guy”
  • Multiple 30 Second Commercials, customized to the group/event you are attending

How Often Should You Be Out Networking?

  • You are always “on” and networking 100% of the time!

Those were just a few of the tips or “Merle’s Pearls” given to us at our last event. If you would like to know more about how you can become a better networking expert, contact Merle (856) 939-4450

Or attend one of our breakfast meetings. See you there!

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