Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Close contact networking is very effective for small businesses that operate in a highly competitive environment and for service organizations or information-based businesses. It is extremely valuable for new or unusual businesses with which the marketplace is unfamiliar, particularly home-based business and those that lack funds to engage in a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Business networking with the SJBA gives you a foot in the door that is otherwise difficult to open. It is business people working together to benefit one another. You’ll increase your sales force immediately from 20 to 50 people!

The main purpose of the SJBA is to exchange qualified business tips, each member becomes a sales team for your product or service, generating quality business contacts that expands your customer base.Promotion and exposure to a target audience is the driving force of any successful business.

Joining our group provides so many benefits, not only with marketing to other professionals, but also spreading the word to potential clients. Upon acceptance, you’ll find your own voice within the community to experience the advantages of being involved in such a reputable business networking organization.

Should you become a member, you’ll exchange valuable business tips with others, and exchange business leads with other members. These leads will provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.

There are no outside speakers. Members identify themselves and their product or service at each meeting. You will be invited to display your product or service on a predetermined schedule. No conflicts of interests are allowed.

Leads are much more likely to close when accompanied by a referral name. That likelihood becomes even greater if a third party actually sets up the appointment. Compare that with cold calling, which has a very low closure percentage.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Broadened exposure to other professionals within the business listing
  • Significant boost in business through professional recommendations
  • An improvement in your ability to speak effectively regarding your company
  • Refinement of your presentation skills
  • Contribution in an average of 50 networking meetings each year
  • The opportunity to generate exposure in local events
  • Increased exposure to brand new buyers relevant to your goods or services
  • Fresh, new ideas to market your brand and boost sales
  • The opportunity to grow your company as you gain support and solve problems with the help of fellow local businesses
  • An exclusive category listing within our local business directory, with zero conflict of interest

Inclusion in the South Jersey Business Association creates real potential to become inspired with your growing business. We restrict membership only to those we feel share our core values and determination to help one another succeed.

Acceptance in itself is a prestigious honor as the community views inclusion within our member directory a guarantee of exceptional service.

Feel free to browse our complete business directory to find out if your particular industry field is represented. If you’re interested in joining our exclusive organization, or simply want to satisfy the curiosity of what we’re all about, we invite you to experience one of our meetings first hand.

Join us for a free breakfast to speak with other SJBA members so that your decision is easy.