About the S.J.B.A.

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Established in 1994, the South Jersey Business Association, Inc. has grown into a successful networking group in our area.

The members work together as an elite unit to actively provide one another positive support and ideas to nurture individual business ventures. By gaining an edge over similar competitors, they have been able to continue helping local startups and established businesses achieve success for over 20 years.

Success as a whole is determined by the willingness of each business to continue evolving with changing industry trends. Prospective members must be willing to listen as well as contribute during networking opportunities within the group.

After an introduction during the weekly meeting, a new applicant will go through an inspection process prior to a vote among the current members.

The thorough screening process is required before acceptance to guarantee the integrity of each representative.

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A major advantage that we provide for members is a spot within the business listing. Consumers that browse the local business directory provided by our organization use this resource as a guide toward finding the most reputable companies providing specific goods and services.

The opportunity to represent a category alone without any conflict of interest simplifies the effort to reach out to new clients so that you’re able to focus on service.

Business networking is a smart way to build meaningful relationships with members of the community that you respect and admire. When you are able to feel confident in yourself, it translates directly to the way you represent your product or service.

Exchanging strategies and ideas while you generate quality referrals is a mutually beneficial situation. We help our members learn to speak effectively, engage in community events to generate exposure, and find new ways to approach their target audience.

You are encouraged to browse the business directory, whether you are looking for a specific professional service or you own a business yourself.

If you find that your industry is not represented within the directory of local businesses, feel free to pursue a spot in the group.

We always welcome new individuals that share our drive to support one another in the local business market.