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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your wife, or newborn baby? Look no further than Ethel Sews!

I take a fun approach to Quilting, Stitching, Sewing, and Embroidery. I stay in touch with the latest designs, newest techniques, and styles. I specialize in custom fabric art.

My services have included baby quilts, t-shirt quilts, college logo lap quilts, tote bags, memorial items, how-to classes, unfinished projects and quilt repairs. I work closely with every client and in this way I can create a unique item which my clients will appreciate more because their thoughts, ideas, and visions are part of the final project. We will work together to choose the colors that should be selected as well as the final size of the completed project. For an even more sentimental touch I can personalize your final project with machine embroidery.

Description of services:

Baby quilts

I design a quilt that embodies the baby and family with a special theme that can be the focus point of the nursery.

T-shirt quilts

I repurpose your favorite t-shirts into a quilt that will have memories for you. The design includes the logo on the shirt for the focus points and the remaining parts of the shirt to add color to the quilt through sashing, borders, and backing. You decide how to use the focus points and we work together to make it your very own quilt.

College Logo Quilts

I research the college to find the college colors, mascots, etc., and the recipient’s hobbies and I incorporate these items into the quilt for a personalize item from home.

Tote bags

The design of the tote fits your life style, whether it is for the beach, diapers, crafting or vacation. You will be proud to have a tote that stands out from the crowd.

Memorial items

I design a lap quilt with pictures and/or clothing items from your loved one. It can be from life, vacations, special occasions, or service memories. I also can use that clothing to design a memorial pillow.

How-to Classes and Seminars

Do you want to learn about quilting, sewing, or designing? Or maybe how to use your sewing machine?  I can help you get started. You can attend individual lessons or group lesson.

Unfinished projects

Were you talked into taking a quilting class by your peer and found out that it is not for you? Why toss out the fabric and supplies that you spent money on to get started? Contact me and I will help you by finishing the project for you.

Quilt repairs

Do you have an old quilt your Mother, Grandmother, or favorite person in your life? Is that quilt well-loved and in need of repair to bring it back to its usefulness? I have worked on quilts of this nature and these quilts are now being used in the way that the person who created them wanted them to be used. What a special gift for someone to be able to have that memory for some time longer.

EthelTobinMost projects are completed within 30 days. Please visit my Etsy page for detailed description and ordering information. Also visit my Facebook page “Ethel Sews” for photos of past and present projects. Come visit me for other clever creations I’ve made for Craft Shows throughout the year. You’ll find me at the Local Ladies Social Network shows in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey throughout the year.

Each hand crafted fabric art is planned, designed, and completed in my home studio. All materials and completed projects are stored in a smoke free environment. Come visit my enchanting studio where the designing takes place.

Contact Ethel Sews when you’re ready to turn your affection into an awesome project which will truly express your feelings.

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