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John PalmerDigital Marketing Group LLC (DMG) is a full-service agency committed to helping clients drive revenue growth and profitability from the Internet.

DMG believes in a holistic digital advertising and marketing approach that involves the integration of any number of online and offline methods designed to do one thing…make the cash register ring.

DMG does not do bargain basement work. DMG delivers quality, and guarantees satisfaction.

DMG values integrity, passion, teamwork, commitment, transparency, innovation, fairness, honesty and perseverance.

With DMG, good enough isn’t.

Since the Internet is used by business as a marketing tool, all tried-and-true principles of marketing should be brought to bear on digital marketing. As DMG’s roots are in traditional marketing, it is uniquely positioned to help clients strategically grow based on those fundamental precepts.

Business Categories Served

  • Business To Business
  • Business To Consumer
  • eCommerce

Specialty Areas

  • Law firm marketing
  • Online retailers
  • Commodity products which require differentiation
  • New product introductions
  • Online stores needing to increase AOV and / or increase purchase frequency

Areas Of Concentration

  • Strategic positioning / messaging
  • Website design as a communications tool to increase conversion rates
  • Organic marketing

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Digital Marketing Group LLC
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Digital Marketing Group LLC
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